This program is not only great for the first time player, but also for those who already have some experience! If you are someone who has experience playing, the best thing to do when considering where to start is to simply begin playing along with the songs. Each lesson comes with a chord chart and a "full song" video. Bring up the chord charts and begin to play along with me in the full song video of different songs. If you can keep up, then keep looking for a lesson further in the program to start on. But if it's too difficult, then try a song earlier in the program. Soon, you'll find that sweet spot and then you can start at that lesson. NOTE: It is common that many players with some experience will know how to play a handful of chords and how to strum but know very little if any music theory. For example, a somewhat experienced player may feel that playing-wise they could start at lessons #9, but after watching through the theory portion of #9 they have no idea what I'm talking about. If that's you, make sure you watch the music theory portion (always at the beginning) of each lesson starting with lesson #3 until your theory level catches up to your playing level. 

What if I just want to learn guitar with worship songs and not for actual worship leading? 

That is absolutely fine! The program will allow you to develop all the skills and knowledge you need to play guitar whether you're playing in front of people or not. Though, I must say that playing in front of people is known to better a person's guitar playing significantly faster than a person who does not.   


What equipment or accessories do I need to complete the program? 

The minimum amount of equipment required to finish the program is a guitar, guitar pick, tuner, and a capo. If you would like to see my recommendations for and/or purchase these items, just visit the Guitar Store page.


I need a guitar. What should I get?

If you're new to playing and you need a guitar, check out the Guitar Store page. There you can learn all about acoustic guitars and the accessories that will help you play. You can even order from all the recommended acoustics and accessories straight from the page! 


How fast should I go from lesson to lesson? How do I know when to move on?

There is no specific speed, but what I recommend as a good indicator for when you're ready to move to the next lesson is when you can honestly hang with me when playing along to the full song video of a lesson. It doesn't have to be perfect, but if you feel like you're decently keeping pace, then I would say it means your ready for the next lesson. However, if in your heart of hearts you know you're not quite there, then don't cheat yourself. Practice a little more until you can play steadily along with me. 


Can I skip lessons?

If you are a first time player, feel free to look ahead at lessons just for fun, but do not skip lessons when it comes to actually learning. Skipping lessons will introduce significant gaps in your learning which will make it hard for you to complete the program. If you have some playing experience already and are wondering where to start, check out my answer to "What if I already know how to play a little guitar? Where in the program do I start?"


What's the best way to practice?

Consistently. It doesn't matter if you only practice 10 minutes at a time, as long as you do it with some kind of regular frequency. And you're free to set what that is for yourself. Each person (and their schedule) is different. Maybe it works well for you to play a little every evening, or maybe just MWF mornings, or only on the weekends--even at 3am on Fridays! It doesn't matter, it's whatever works for you. But the key is consistency. If you're a person who knows you'll need some help with that, then give yourself a chance--put an "enjoy playing guitar" reminder in your calendar, set a "get awesome @ guitar!" alert in your phone, or buy a guitar stand and keep your guitar out in your room so that you'll see it and play it more regularly. When I was first learning during my school years, I'd come home, plop myself in front of a tv, and play guitar during the commercial breaks. And it worked! Enjoy learning my friend :)     


Will there be more lessons released? 

Absolutely! Keep checking back for new lessons and programs. Just by singing up you'll receive a periodic e-newsletter that will let you know when new material is released. If you're not a member, join the email list by filling out the form below.

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How do I add or delete members for a Yearly Group Plan?

Follow this link to find out how to add and/or delete members from a group.


Can I change what day my credit card is charged for the monthly subscription?

You are charged each month on the same day that you signed up. If the date does not occur every billing cycle (e.g., you subscribed on the 31st, but the next month only has 30 days), then you will simply be charged on the last day of the month. If you want a particular day, then you would have to unsubscribe and re-signup on the day you want to be charged.  


How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription click on the "Log In" link in the navigation at the top of the web page and log in with your username and password. Once logged in, click where it says "hi, (your name)" in the navigation.  This brings up the welcome box. Select "My Profile." Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Cancel Subscription." Follow the screen prompts to finalize. 


Anything interesting I should know about you?

If you'd like to learn more about me, click here.

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