THESE LESSONS cover a wide variety of topics which all will help you become a more powerful, efficient, and independent guitarist. Take a look through them and learn about subjects that intrigue you or that you might find useful, as each lesson will reveal another facet of guitar playing and deepen your understanding. 

How To Tune With A Tuner

Learn how to tune using a standard clip on tuner to get your guitar soundin' good! 

Tune Without A Tuner (5th Fret Tuning Method)

Learn the 5th Fret Tuning Method (which is a little bit of a misnomer because it also uses the 4th fret) so that you can tune without a tuner! Comes in very handy.

How To Change Strings (Acoustic)

Bust out that new, shiny pair of strings and learn alongside Jairus as he teaches you how to change the strings for an acoustic guitar.

NOTE: This lesson applies to steel string acoustic guitars only. This is not meant for electric or classical guitar.

How Chords Are Made

Ever wonder why some chords have all those little letters and numbers in their name--like Am7, Cmaj7, Dadd4, or Fsus2? Those letters and symbols are very important and knowing how they work can give guitar players a lot of power over their playing and ability to read chord charts. This lesson will reveal how chords are made.

NOTE: I would recommend having gotten far enough in the 20 lesson program to have learned the major scale and the numbers associated with it, otherwise this lesson may seem over your head.


-3 ways to play the major scale
-Alternate Tuning - Eb
-Sense of Rhythm - learn to sing and play by drumming
-Sense of Rhythm - the strumming game
-Considerations when buying a guitar
-Important accessories for guitarists
-Unconventional Capo Usage
-Songwriting Starters: melodies, rhythms, poems, and pain.
-Songwriting Tools: maps, keys, tunings, and randomness



You'll even get a FREE 3-day trial that you can cancel at anytime within 3 days and pay nothing. You can even download and keep all the chord charts for free! 

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